All About Highland Kitchen & Gardens

Welcome - Highland Kitchen & Gardens came about because David and Lois Wallace love good food. Amazing meals always originate with quality ingredients.  These super fresh ingredients, untampered with genetically, are often difficult to find, or very pricey.  Therefore... we grow and cook our own. And YOU get to benefit.  

Our farm is in Glen Spey, NY on 450 beautiful acres. We have a pond and waterfall which irrigate our land.  Lois has rented a commercial kitchen in Westfall, PA to legally prepare foods for sale.  




    I’ve always wanted to go do missions work, but there never seemed to be an opportunity. Where does God want to use me?  How has He prepared me to help?  As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been drawn to food preparation.  I majored in Nutrition in College.  - Is this God leading me?   I took Hindi as my language in College.  My favorite cuisine is Indian.  And our church has a sister church in India.  Is God leading me?    


    Then I ask, “ How would I help them if I went there” ?  What they really seem to need are the funds that are unavailable there.  So, I thought of a better solution (led by the Holy Spirit?)  I can use my skills at cooking and donate the profits to our sister church in India.   The profits from my business are funding the widow’s home at Pastor Papaf’s church.  They have been praying for my business and my business has tripled.  Yielding more funds to send their way. Yahoo !  I think God has spoken.  He can, and does, use me to help His people !


Know that when you purchase nutritious foods from me, you are ultimately helping God’s children.  Making the world a better place.


Photo Gallery:  A selection  from the Kitchen & Gardens.