Eat Super Healthy Food to boost your immune system!   We will offer a large variety of foods, chock full of nutrition.  Several probiotic items will be on the menu.  

COVID 19 Precautions -  We want to protect our customers and ourselves any way possible. To that end, we are wearing gloves and masks as the two of us prepare your meals.  We are washing all vegetables before cutting them.  We are washing all surfaces with bleach several times/day.  When we deliver your meals - we will be practicing social distancing.  Your order will be in your own labeled bag - we can place it in your back seat or trunk.  You can pay us via cash, VENMO, Paypal or check.   Working together, we can all stay healthy!   

Because we love the Farmers Market......

Farm Markets are a great way to keep our local economy thriving - by purchasing from our neighbors rather than Walmart. 

At Highland Kitchen and Gardens, we make the farm market a year round option. We deliver  delicious salads, soups, meals and baked goods throughout the winter. 

We have around 50 hens providing us with delicious, nutritious eggs. 

We test new recipes weekly, hoping to serve you the very best each week.   Join our email list of contented customers to have food delivered weekly to a site near you.  We deliver to Glen Spey, NY  Montague, NJ and Milford, PA on Friday Afternoons.  We deliver to Sparta, NJ on Saturday mornings. 




Highland Kitchen & Gardens extends the farm market season !

What We Offer:


Healthy Meals Made For You