Taking creamy milk from a lovely cow named Elsie, I make golden milk, yogurt, keifer & various cheeses.   I use these items in the meals that I make for family and friends. 

 The Dairy service is temporarily discontinued, until I get the walk-in refrigerator repaired.    And Elsie will need to be freshened! 

We have a gorgeous variety of hens and roosters providing us with lots of eggs. The yolks of these eggs are a deep orange, colored by their free-ranging diet.  They eat piles of bugs, worms, seeds, kitchen scraps and greens from the gardens.Talk about nutritious eggs!     A nightly visiting raccoon started chewing it's way into my coop - and chewing it's way through my chickens.  I gave my hens to a neighbor to stop the killing.  We now get eggs from that neighbor.